The third issue is about EXPLORATION: exploration as a necessity, as cause and effect. Exploration as an essential resource to understand changes. Exploring new places, opportunities, horizons, feelings, new structures. Exploration of new forms of dialogue, new ways of communication, new energy and new points of view on the contemporary.

Eslam Abd El Salam
İpek Çınar
Fabio Itri
Federica Landi
Ana Lía Orézzoli
Zoe Zipela

Guest Writers:
Francesca Seravalle / Curator
MINIMUM now_v2.jpg

FASHION NOW- Municipal Gallery of Larissa- G.I. Katsigras Museum. copy copy.jpg cursing copy.jpg

STILL CURSING V.2/ MARK ANTONY, Produces by 1623 theatre company and show me pictures. copy copy.jpg copy copy.jpg copy copy.jpg